A significant event that attracts more than 2,500 individuals from across the globe to our city naturally leaves a considerable impact on the Region.

During the Colloquium, participants will explore the city, engage with the local community, actively immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Cagliari, and fully embrace the Good Life. This is made possible by the convenient location of the university campuses in the heart of the city center. For this reason, we want to introduce EGOSians to our vibrant city, make them fall in love with our idea of the Good Life, and let them experience it directly through what the city can offer.

Our goal is to create an environment that fosters and celebrates the principles of the Good Life Project: Sustainability, Inclusion , and Well-being.

We will joyfully share the stories of every activity involved, showcasing how each initiative plays a vital role in meeting our shared goals, enriching our project with warmth, passion, and a sense of purpose.

Good Life for All is also a collective of sustainable practices, inclusion, and well-being that businesses implement every day, making a positive impact on the local community.

To what extent do the city activities that have embraced the project align with sustainability? Let us explore together which activities have chosen to embody good practices and uphold the values of the Good Life for All within the EGOS 2023 Colloquium.


How sustainable are the companies that have joined the project?

Let's find out together which activities in the catering sector have decided to become bearers of good practice

and values ​​of the Good Life for all on the occasion of Egos Colloquium


Eat well in a sustainable way


Discover some of the sustainable startups born from the research of the University of Cagliari that now operate in the area


Sailmaster is the software that puts you in command of your boat, providing you with support to navigate safely even in the most adverse conditions. Feel the comfort of having everything under control and reach maximum performance in safety. With Sailmaster you discover the perfect symbiosis between boat and owner and you can best express the potential of your boat.


Nepsy's goal is the development of highly integrated electric propulsion systems and related components, customizable and flexible for a vast range of applications, from nautical to railway and road. The spin off is currently involved in the project POSEIDON.


Regenfix offers a regeneration service for chromatographic columns, capable of completely removing contaminants, achieved through the development and production of its own chemical formula, capable of restoring these devices to their original operating performance.


Clentech deals with the production of innovative products and services with high technological value in the chemical sectors, in order to exploit the applications of the photocatalysis phenomenon with the entire light spectrum, aimed at degrading and reducing pollutants, bacteria and viruses, converting them into harmless substances for health

Bloom Labs

Bloom LABS is a startup focused on creating systems for the production of flowers, taking advantage of innovative technologies. We aim to reduce costs related to pesticides and water. Bloom LABS wants to revolutionize traditional cultivation methods in a sector that clearly needs it.


WoolMesh is the first company to clean water using a powerful, competitive and environmentally friendly method. Through chemically treated sheep's wool, our filter is able to destroy all organic contaminants present in fresh water.