Zero-Kilometer Food


To foster sustainable production and consumption, ensure people's health and well-being, and reduce the environmental impact of long-distance product transportation, the University of Cagliari has decided to engage various local operators. The aim is to use zero-kilometer products during the colloquium's catering services, with the goals of:

- Promoting the production and consumption of local products

- Raising awareness about sustainable food chains

- Supporting local farmers


Coldiretti, Argiolas Formaggi, Cantine Santadi, Kentos


Music and Reading… We are part of the cure


During the social party of the EGOS Colloquium, we plan to raise funds to support the emotional well-being of children hospitalized at the Microcitemico Hospital in Cagliari.

Since 2015, the Microcitemico Pediatric Hospital - A.O. Brotzu in Cagliari has introduced the "Music and Reading... We are part of the cure" project, supported by the Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation. 

This initiative, born from the merging of the projects that we can translate as "Healing Harmony: Bringing Music to Hospitalized Children" ("Musicospedalizzando") and "Lightning the Way: Nurturing the Power of Reading" ("Leggera è la cura... se si ha cura di leggere") (started in 2010), aims to accompany children, parents, and medical-nursing staff throughout the various stages of the therapeutic journey.

In a heartfelt approach, Dr. Ornella Aledda (Music Therapist, Psychologist) and Dr. Maria Grazia Corrias (Psychologist, Psychotherapist) use a diverse range of musical instruments and a suitcase brimming with books that ignite lived experiences and emotions. Through their active and purposeful methodology, they guide patients on a journey of healing. Starting with the power of sounds and music, alongside captivating stories and enchanting book illustrations, they empower patients to confront and embrace their illness experience, cultivating a deeper sense of acceptance.

 Since 2010, more than 500 patients, ranging from newborns to young adults, have received compassionate care. Among them, 0% have faced hematological-oncological conditions, finding solace and support through day hospital visits and hospital stays. The remaining 26% have received specialized care in departments dedicated to Thalassemia, Bone Marrow Transplantation, and Pediatrics, ensuring comprehensive support before, during, and after procedures.


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