The project Good Life for All starts from a fascinating idea: a world where everyone thrives, takes care of the planet, and no one is left out. Imagine a place where we are strong together, where we respect nature and where today's well-being does not sacrifice tomorrow's. This is the heart of sustainability: a balance between the environment, the economy and society, so that all of us, today and in the future, can enjoy a good life.

The project Good Life for All is conceived by CREA Unica on the occasion of 39th Edition of EGOS Colloquium thanks to the active collaboration of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, the Municipality of Cagliari, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Ente Foreste Sardegna, the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari and many other public and private partners and sponsors who together have decided to tell the best practice of the territory in terms of sustainability e inclusion.

Through the active involvement of the entire territory, the project intends to act as a catalyst for shared actions and projects with a view to Good Life. Inclusion and Sustainability are strongly connected to each other. Inclusion and engagement are key to achieving sustainability, otherwise no real change would be imaginable. For this to happen, it is therefore necessary to adopt an approach that guides us towards inclusive and shared sustainability. There can be no environmental justice without social justice. And neither could exist if we didn't try to change the whole system in which we live.


The Good Life is not simply the good life but a better life, made up of good practices that are good for everyone. A life that is not only that of the individual, but of a complex social system that is based on a model of sustainable development, within which the environment is respected, there is room for everyone and everyone lives well.

It may seem utopian, but it is a model that has its roots in seeds and the open gaze towards the future, thanks to the drive of innovation and research. A model which today is still to be imagined and built and which we believe we must strive for leave a better world to future generations compared to what we have found and more effective tools to be able to continue to build and live it in the best possible way.


The mission of the Good Life for All project is to inform, inspire and engage the highest number of people in this change process towards a more sustainable, more inclusive and well-being oriented model of development, which is also capable of generating economic and social value.

We will do this through targeted communication activities and concrete sustainable actions, implemented thanks to a large network of partners and to an important one organizational machine which embraces many local activities, with which we have discovered that we share the same values.


The project Good Life for All  was born thanks to the opportunity to host the 39th edition of EGOS Colloquium in Cagliari, which made it possible to create a innovative model of sustainable development.

This model is inspired by the values ​​of the Colloquium, it is based on the work of a team that loves dreams and challenges, it is developed thanks to a large network of local partners and, finally, it will be returned to the entire community that believed in the project through concrete actions and sharing the results achieved.

The Good Life for all project was conceived and developed by Create UniCa, the University service center for innovation and entrepreneurship of the University of Cagliari:

Maria Chiara Di Guardo (Director)

Laura Poletti, Fausta Laddomada, Giulia Etzi, Marco Casto, Nicola Abaclat, Silvia Del Rio, Stefania Tidu, Valentina Demurtas, Anna Rita Etzi, Daniela Zedda (Technical staff)